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Banking at Your Fingertips

Financial technology, or fintech, lets you perform your banking and financial transactions safely, quickly and conveniently from any location. AARP Foundation and Chase want to help older adults increase their comfort with and understanding of fintech in order to fully maximize its many benefits.

One of the major benefits of financial technology is that it puts routine banking tasks right at your fingertips just by using two common tools: a smartphone or a tablet. 

According to recent research from AARP, 91 percent of adults over 50 use a computer and more than 80 percent of older people have smartphones. Furthermore, 55 million older Americans say they are interested in technology that can enrich their lives or make it easier. 

If you have an interest in learning about or using new technology – or if you simply want to better manage your finances – the four lessons in this Mobile Banking workshop can help you accomplish both goals. 

  • Get Started

    Scroll to the bottom of this page to watch an introductory one-minute video about financial technology, or fintech.

    Once you finish the video, begin this workshop by clicking on Lesson 1.

  • Track Your Progress

    As you move through each lesson, a red progress bar on the right will tell you how much of the content you have completed. You can use the up or down arrows on the red bar to jump between sections within a lesson.

  • Test

    At the end of each lesson, be sure to take the brief quiz at the bottom of the page. There are 4 quizzes – one for each lesson. Every quiz has 3 basic questions designed to summarize the material. Use the “next” button to advance to a lesson.

Technology use is on the rise among those 50+

By the year 2030, nearly 132 million Americans age 50 and older will spend more than $84 billion a year on technology products, a new AARP survey projects.

Smartphones and Older Adults

83% of Americans between the ages of 50 and 64 use a smartphone to text, email, surf the web, play games and more.

What exactly is financial technology or ‘fintech’?

WATCH: Discover how fintech is helping people of all ages handle their banking right from home and while on the go.

Let's Get Started!

The four lessons in this Mobile Banking workshop can help you learn about new technology and ways to better manage your finances. Begin Lesson One
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