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Taking Charge of Financial Health

AARP Foundation and Chase are collaborating to bring the power of financial technology to older adults across the country.

To meet this need, we’re sharing free, easy-to-use tools and information to help you build confidence in using technology to manage your finances and protect you from scams. Our mobile banking workshop provides a comprehensive series of four lessons to help you get started. Our worksheets and videos can help sharpen skills for those who may already be familiar with some elements of financial technology but could use a little help in others. We know the difference it can make when you’re able to stay in touch with your resources, know when payments and deposits post, pay for everyday things, receive or send money from friends and family or from bonus or relief efforts, and make deposits from your phone.

We’re also sharing the latest news and AARP Foundation tools that can help you protect your money, build savings, and stay connected with others.

In these times of uncertainty, our goal is to create a network of resources that empower older adults to use technology so they can manage their finances, confidently.

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