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How to Use Social Media and Technology to Stay Connected and Remain Safe Online

Staying connected with friends and family is essential to well-being. And in hectic, uncertain times like these, connection is more important than ever.

A growing body of research shows that feelings of isolation and loneliness can be detrimental to mental and physical health, especially for people over 50; even worse, they can make older adults more vulnerable to scams and fraud. But connections can be difficult to maintain when you have to keep your distance — and it’s even tougher when the ones you love live far away.

One way to lessen the distance and fight social isolation is with video chats and social media. Social networks offer opportunities to create connections, stay more active, enjoy virtual learning opportunities, and even travel around the world — all from the comfort and safety of home.

A significant number of older adults are already using social media. According to recent research from AARP, 63% of U.S. adults age 50 and older report using Facebook on a regular basis, and 33% report using YouTube. But there are still many more people who could benefit from social networking, and AARP Foundation and Chase can help.

The three lessons in this workshop can help you get started on one or more social media platforms and stay connected safely online. 

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    Scroll to the bottom of this page to watch a short introductory video about using social media to stay connected.

    Once you finish the video, begin this workshop by clicking on Lesson 1.

  • Track Your Progress

    As you move through each lesson, a red progress bar on the right will tell you how much of the content you have completed. You can use the up or down arrows on the red bar to jump between sections within a lesson.

  • Test

    At the end of each lesson, be sure to take the brief quiz at the bottom of the page. Each quiz has three basic questions designed to summarize the material. Use the “Next” button to advance to the lesson.

People over 50 are adopting new technology

Adults age 50 and older are adopting and using technology at an increasing rate every year. As of 2019, older adults are adopting wearables, home assistants/smart speakers and smart home technology at nearly the same rate as adults age 18-49.

Social Media and Older Adults

Recent survey research shows that 63% of U.S. adults age 50 and older report using Facebook on a regular basis, and 33% report using YouTube.

So how exactly do you use social media to stay connected?

WATCH: Learn how to stay connected with friends and family safely online.

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The three lessons in this Social Media workshop can help you learn how to use technology to stay connected and remain safe online. Begin Lesson One
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