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Lesson 2: How to deposit checks remotely

Depositing a check remotely lets you put money into a checking or savings account just by using your smartphone or tablet to snap a picture of the check you have.

Once you capture an image of your check, you send it to your bank or credit union. Your financial institution then converts that image into a substitute check, which can legally replace the original paper check.

This process works for any kind of check, including payroll checks, Social Security checks or other checks you may receive from individuals.

There are many advantages to making remote check deposits, such as saving you time and hassle traveling to and from a bank or credit union. You also skip having to wait in line for a teller – another time saver.

Additionally, remote check deposits let you get your banking done more quickly and conveniently, because you can snap or scan a check image from virtually anywhere. Plus, you can make a remote check deposit before or after a bank’s normal business hours.

Remote check deposits are also highly secure and typically less prone to human error.

If you’d rather not make unnecessary trips to the bank, or if arranging transportation is a hassle, making digital check deposits by using remote banking can make your life a lot easier.

Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions on how you can deposit a check remotely – without having to go into a bank branch.

Benefits of Remote Deposits
● Saves you time
● Faster deposits
● More convenient
● Can be done nearly anywhere
● Less risk of human error

How to make a remote check deposit

WATCH: It may seem tricky at first. But once you learn to deposit checks remotely, banking is easier and much faster.

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