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Wilson F.The 73-year-old grew up idolizing sports.

He played baseball in his younger years — and still watches it on television in the one-bedroom apartment where he has lived for the last 20 years. But life hasn’t been easy for him. Wilson moved to government housing to take care of his ailing brother who has since passed. After a work injury left him unable to
continue his job as a janitor and groundskeeper at a church, he was forced to retire.

These days, Wilson finds that living on a fixed income is quite difficult. In the rural Alabama town where he lives, there is a lack of services and transportation. Even getting to see the doctor or collect his blood pressure prescriptions requires a 45-minute drive to the nearest city, Tuscaloosa. Most of his days are spent watching television or helping others fix small things in their apartments. Since he doesn’t drive, he relies on nearby nonprofits that deliver canned goods and other food to him for groceries. His favorite days are spent with friends barbecuing and watching a game.

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