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Ron E.A cancer survivor and avid gardener, Ron takes his financial and health challenges in

Recently, he’s battled unemployment and savings shortfalls, but these obstacles have only made him more resilient. The 65-year-old lives with his wife, son and 5-year- old granddaughter in a multi-generational household. While his adult son works nights, Ron is the main caretaker for his granddaughter and prides himself on running the house. His wife works as a substitute teacher nearby.

Keeping busy is a must. When he’s not grilling with his neighbor, tidying up toys or volunteering at his granddaughter’s school, he is hosting bible study for others in the community. He’s looking for part-time work to help financially support the family, but in such a rural community, he is finding it difficult. His next financial milestone: after more than a decade of renting, the family is taking part in a program that will allow them to finally own their home. For Ron, it’s a large step in his family’s financial journey.

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