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Paul D.The self-made farmer spent 20 years working at an appliance plant while running a small farm.

After the plant closed, Paul and his wife made a decision to relocate to southern Iowa where land was more affordable and focused on farming full-time. Throughout his life, Paul used his savings to invest and grow his farming operation.

The 66-year-old father and grandfather prides himself on his 5 a.m. wake up calls. He loves tending to his cattle and pigs, but it’s not without hurdles. His 63-year-old wife, Nancy, suffered a stroke last year and he was injured several times by his livestock. The business has also suffered due to fluctuating agriculture prices. The couple is now selling one of their farms as the first step toward retirement.

The couple has a busy social life and tries to give back. They volunteer with their local church and are involved in local politics. Often times they spend weekends driving to visit their grandchildren.

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