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Lesson 1: How to find freelance and gig work online

Online job-search platforms are a great way to find freelance work, from interactive work like nannying and tutoring to remote work like copyediting and data entry. Most platforms exist as both websites, which you can access with your computer, and apps, which you can access with your smartphone or tablet.

When beginning the application process, it’s important to create a quality profile that will help you secure work. Although each platform may use a slightly different format for online work profiles, most include similar elements. Things like a proper headshot, fair compensation requests, and necessary portfolio material such as a résumé will go a long way toward creating a complete, effective profile.

One more thing: Try to connect on these platforms with human resource (HR) managers, hiring recruiters, and general hiring leads at talent agencies to ensure you’re a visible candidate.

  • Step 1

    Create an account on multiple job portals like LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Indeed, and make a uniform, consistent profile on each that highlights key experience and career achievements.

  • Step 2

    Upload a profile photo that’s no more than a year old and has crisp resolution. Use a picture in which you’re smiling, alone and featured from the shoulders up, with natural lighting and a simple background.

  • Step 3

    Highlight key areas of interest and experience, with a résumé to match. If you have them, it’s a good idea to include other components of your portfolio that showcase your experience and value, such as samples of your work and a list of references.

  • Step 4

    Include your desired fixed price or hourly rate, making sure that it’s fair and deemed to be market value compensation.

  • Step 5

    Actively engage: Monitor and communicate with companies of interest to highlight your level of commitment, and connect with other freelancers to hear about their experiences and learn potential profile or interview skills that can set you apart.

  • Step 6

    Continue to research new and engaging job portals that will boost visibility and candidacy.

Online Freelance and Gig Work

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