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Larry N.Entering his seventies has meant a loss of independence for Larry, 71. After years of living with liver disease, he could no longer work in the Las Vegas hotel industry. These days, the former bartender uses a walker and depends on his wife, Koren, for some day-to-day help.

After filing for bankruptcy and no steady income, it’s difficult to pay for monthly bills or save for emergencies. After their car was damaged in a car accident last year, the couple got rid of it, opting to save for a new one. And they’ve had to defer maintenance on a home they’ve owned for 20 years.

But even with their new financial reality, they are making it work. Nowadays, Larry uses a free medical transportation service for doctor visits. And the couple asks the neighbor to drive them on weekly grocery runs. Without reliable income or transportation, they rarely visit their favorite hotel buffets or restaurants in downtown Summerlin.

Most days, the couple walks to the community center within their luxury retirement development for coffee, conversation, and keeping up appearances. Still, the couple has hope that a real estate investment from Koren’s younger years may pan out to give them the money they need to live comfortably.

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