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Kathie A.As a child, Kathie learned valuable financial lessons from her loving parents, but executing the takeaways as an adult has proved more difficult.

She worked alongside her husband Mike, 65, at the nearby grocery store for more than a decade. After a change in management forced them both to take separate vacations, she resigned in order to spend time with him. Now, Mike works at a nearby farm and the couple run a small church together. They enjoy their rural lifestyle and spending time outdoors. Every summer they rent an RV for a three-week trip to Colorado. She still cares for her father, who lives in a nursing home less than an hour away.

Money is tight but Kathie prides herself on careful budgeting and making improvements to her home. Their next project: upgrading the kitchen. Even though they are careful not to overspend, the couple is grateful for their health. Dealing with medical bills on an already tight budget is her biggest worry. Right now retirement still feels far off for the couple, but once they are ready, the couple plans to sell land they bought over 20 years ago and live off the proceeds.

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