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Joyce G.Last summer, Joyce, 61, relocated to Las Vegas from the Midwest to be closer to some of her grandchildren. The transition hasn’t been easy. The mother of three adult children is working on becoming a rideshare driver, but without her own car, she will be constricted to using her son’s car while he’s at work.

Another hurdle: having enough savings to cover the three-month supply of the blood pressure medication she needs to feel her best. She is hoping to qualify for disability income to help cover that cost and make ends meet, as she no longer feels well enough for full-time work.

Despite her health issues, Joyce’s home is bustling with activity. She lives in a tight-knit multigenerational household with her son, daughter-in-law, brother and five grandchildren. “We lift each other up,” she says. She walks some of the grandchildren to school, makes large family meals, and attends her grandchildren’s football games.

Still, there are tradeoffs to sharing a home. While she has her own room, she misses the privacy and space she had while living in her own apartment back in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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