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Fintech over 50:
Designing for Low- to Moderate- Income Older Adults

Our latest research with Financial Health Network seeks to bridge the gap between older consumers and technology innovators.

Life after 50 no longer mirrors the retirement dream of past generations. This is particularly true for people with low to moderate incomes who face a range of financial health challenges, such as increasing medical costs, unmanageable debt, and inadequate savings. Of the 56 million low- to moderate-income (LMI) adults 50 and older living in the U.S., only 17% are Financially Healthy. This signals a key opportunity for financial services innovators to step in and join them as partners on their journey toward financial health.

This research, “Fintech Over Fifty: Designing for Low- to Moderate-Income Older Adults” sheds light on barriers that inhibit older adults’ adoption of fintech products and services, and provides tangible recommendations for how we can all be part of the solution in closing the digital divide for vulnerable older adults.

The research for was sponsored by the AARP Foundation in collaboration with Chase. The Financial Health Network worked with Dalberg Design, a design and innovation firm that used human-centered and participatory research methods to engage low- to moderate-income individuals ages 50 and older in urban and rural areas across the U.S.
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